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Teens needing braces can feel at home
at Fraser Dental Orthodontics


Orthodontics for Adults

White braces are available now!

Orthodontics for Kids
Orthodontics for Teens at Fraser Dental
Orthodontics for Adults at Fraser Dental
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Straight white teeth give you confidence and a winning smile.

Dr Milan Raniga has been successfully treating children, teens, and adults for over 10 years and has recently opened the orthodontic clinic at Fraser Dental. Milan stays at the forefront of the profession by regularly attending courses at home and abroad, and is also a respected speaker on orthodontics to other members of the dental profession.

At Fraser Dental we are also general dentists, so we can ensure that all aspects of your dental care are addressed, including the orthodontic treatment. For teens, we also provide free dental care from Year 9 – 18 years old.

orthodontic conditions

Do you have an orthodontic condition?

  • Top teeth that stick out?
  • An overbite?
  • A space between the top and bottom teeth when you bite together?
  • Bottom teeth that are in front of the top teeth?
  • Teeth that are crowded?
  • Baby teeth falling out very early or very late?
  • Extra teeth present?
  • Top and bottom front teeth with centres that don’t line up?
  • Problems with cheek-biting?
  • Gaps between teeth?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to any of the above, call us on 09 416 5050 to book a consultation.

Want to talk about payment plans? Our OrthoPlan is the simple method to make orthodontics affordable for every family. Request an OrthoPlan brochure here:

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The first step in orthodontic treatment is a consultation. This appointment will give you an idea of the type of treatment required and the approximate fees.
The initial consultation is $90, but you could get a credit of $50 by using one of our ‘Share a Smile’ cards. In no time at all, you’ll be smiling like this!

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