A crown is a great option for a weakened tooth. The tooth could be weakened by having a large filling, a previous root canal or a crack, and a crown will strengthen the tooth.The crown is a tooth-shaped cap which is like a crash helmet for the tooth effectively reinforcing it and preventing future damage. A crown can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth and can sometimes be a more appropriate option than veneers.

The crown is usually made of strong, tooth-coloured porcelain and we use the latest porcelains as they are constantly improving with their mechanical properties. If the tooth being crowned is at the back of the mouth and is under a lot of chewing pressure a gold crown can be used.

A crown typically takes two appointments. In the first appointment old fillings are removed, fractures if present are removed, the tooth is prepared further and a mould of the teeth is taken. This mould is used by our local dental technician who will make the crown which is custom fit to the prepared tooth. In the time while the technician is making the crown a temporary crown is placed on your tooth.